C2A-101 Baking Essentials

Our Baking and Cake Decorating curriculum is focused on helping you grow as a Cake Artist. In our studio you will explore theory and practical skills that will take you from a beginner level to a professional level. In C2A-101, we'll guide you in masteringIn the Baking Essentials class you will study;

Baking Ingredients, Weight and Measures, Baking Methods and Techniques, Rules of Baking, Master Cake Recipes such as soft Vanilla cake, Red Velvet cake, Chocolate cake and many more.

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C2A-102 Buttercream Cake Art

 At the heart of cake decorating lies the art of assembling cake layers with buttercream, a fundamental element that provides the essential structure for professionally designed cakes. This course equips students with the knowledge of crafting various types of Buttercream Recipes, delving into the advantages and disadvantages of each. Moreover, students will master creative techniques and decorative tools to achieve textures, patterns, shapes, and designs. Throughout the course, we'll also keep a keen eye on contemporary and trending buttercream cake designs.

C2A-103 Fondant Cake Art 

 Fondant, an integral medium in cake decorating, takes your creative skills to unparalleled heights. Before embarking on this course, it's a prerequisite to complete the Buttercream course. In this course, students will explore the art of utilizing fondant to create intricate designs, including marbling, modeling, and carving. They will also discover how to elegantly drape fondant to mimic fabric and flowers, and even craft optical illusions. Attention to detail is paramount in every aspect of this course, and students will delve into the fascinating world of crafting 3D-shaped cakes.

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C2A-104 Starting a Cake Business

 Embarking on a cake business entails a series of crucial steps, and our course offers comprehensive guidance for a thriving venture. This module equips you with invaluable insights on how to establish and manage a successful cake business, covering areas such as Market Research, Business Planning, Legal Compliance, Food Safety, Cake Baking and Decorating, Pricing Strategies, Marketing and Branding, Ingredient and Equipment Sourcing, Customer Service, Financial Management, Social Media and Online Presence, and Networking.

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